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amprobe pm55a Amprobe PM55A

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The Amprobe PM55A is an excellent little shirt pocket sized multimeter that has nine different measurement functions (some of which are typically only seen on larger multimeters). This little multimeter weighs in just under 3 ounces and has a thickness of under 3/8 inches thick.

The PM55A falls in around the medium price ranges typically found to be between $40 and $60 US Dollars. The Amprobe PM55A measures: AC DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, continuity with beeper, diode checker, and is a fully auto-ranging multimeter. The PM55A has a oversized digital display with very large digits. the display also shows the units icons.  It is safety rated to CAT II 600 V,CAT III 300 V,Pollution Degree 2, Class 2. 

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The PM55A is a smart multimeter in the sense that it uses a  AutoTect feature that knows what it is measuring. If you are measuring ac, dc volts or resistance, the PM55A automatically recognizes what it is measuring and adjusts itself to the proper settings without any type of user interface.

For example, if you want to measure 12 volts dc. Simply connect the test leads to the test points and the multimeter automatically selects the correct function/range to measure the 12 volts dc. The AutoTect feature has a low input impedance allowing all the “ghost voltages” to be zeroed out.  Now that is pretty cool.

Another cool feature on this pocket sized multimeter is it’s ability to detect voltage without making contact to the live circuit. You do not need to use the test leads to make non contact voltage measurements. Simply place the meter near the live conductors and the voltage detector is able to determine if voltage is or is not present. This can be a time saver when you really are not concerned so much with the amount of voltage present but rather, whether or not voltage is present. If the voltage is not present, simply continue along the circuit – holding the meter close to the circuit until you find the spot where the voltage is lost.

If you are looking for a shirt pocket sized multimeter to be used on the go, then that Amprobe PM55A may be the multimeter for you.

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