Fluke 289

Fluke 289 is a high quality, high precision, True RMS data logging multimeter. It is built to solve complex problems in plant automation, power distribution, electronics, and electro- mechanical equipment. The Fluke 289 has been well received by others who have purchased this multimeter and has received top star rating customer reviews

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Fluke 8808A

The Fluke 8808A digital multimeter is designed for portability just as well that is designed for bench top and system applications. The 8808A is a true RMS digital multimeter and it has the ability to switch between auto-ranging and manual ranging modes. It can display two different sets of characteristics of the

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Fluke 179

The Fluke 179 True RMS digital multimeter was designed specifically for industrial, electrical, electronic technicians, and engineers alike. Manufactured by Fluke, this is a meter of precision and quality that will last for years. Fluke even backs this meter with a lifetime warranty.

The fluke 179 multimeter has many features that are designed with

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Fluke 87V

The fluke 87V, also known as the Fluke 87-5, is a true – RMS meter with many features suited well for the professional troubleshooter but serves equally well for the do it yourself and hobbyist. It is designed with convenience in mind and comes equipped with a removable holster and built-it probe with test

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