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extech ex330 Extech  EX330
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The Extech EX330 is a mini digital auto ranging multimeter that is packed with many features considering that it weights in at only 8.96 ounces, has a length of 5.70 inches, width 1.60 inches and height 2.90 inches.

Don’t let the price of this multimeter fool you. Extech is a well known company and they produce quality stuff as opposed to some of the other manufactures of cheaper multimeters.

The EX330 measures AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, diodes, continuity, and temperature. It also comes with a type K temperature probe.

The coolest feature about the Extech EX330 is it’s built in non contact voltage detector. This feature allows the EX330 to detect the presence of voltage just be placing the unit near the voltage source, allowing the user to detect the presence of voltage without ever actually contacting the voltage.

This comes in very handy when you just want to know whether a voltage is present or not as opposed to actually needing to know how much voltage as present. You simply hold the meter near at different locations within the circuit until you locate the problem area.

For a mini multimeter, the Extech EX330 has an extra large, 4000 count display that makes taking readings a snap.

This meter is especially useful for hobbyist and electronic testing applications where accuracy is not that important as with most inexpensive multimeters. The accuracy rating on this multimeter is 0.05 percent which serves well for a lot of electrical/electronic testing applications.

The Extech EX330 runs on 2 AAA batteries and has a built in low battery indicator to alert the user to change out the batteries.

The case of this multimeter is made out of soft plastic that makes it easy to grip without slipping and also protects the multimeter if it is dropped. The back of the case also has a tip out stand that makes it suitable to use on a work bench.

Quick Specs For The Extech EX330

Display counts 4000
Basic Accuracy 0.5%
NC Voltage Detector 100 to 600VAC
DC Voltage 0.1mV to 600V
AC Voltage 0.1mV to 600V
DC/AC Current 0.1 micro A to 10A
Resistance 0.1 ohm to 40M ohm
Capacitance 0.001nF to 200 micro F
Frequency 0.001Hz to 40MHz
Temperature (Type K) -4 to 1382 degrees F (-20 to 750 degrees C)
Duty Cycle 0.1 to 99.9%
Diode/Continuity Yes
Dimensions 5.7×2.9×1.6″ (147x76X42mm)
Weight 9oz (260g)

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