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extech ex420 Extech EX420
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 The Extech EX420 is a professional auto-ranging general purpose multimeter that prevents the need to carry around multiple meters. It has 11 functions ranging from basic functions to the  more advanced functions.

Functions include: AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, temperature (temperature probe included), capacitance, diode and continuity check.

The Extech EX420 has a 0.3 percent basic accuracy which is suitable for most troubleshooting applications.

The EX420 is very similiar to the Extech multimeter EX430 accept the EX420 is a averaging multimeter as opposed to the EX430 which is a True RMS multimeter. The EX420 is also a little cheaper to buy than the 430. It is a great multimeter for someone who is getting starting in electrical troubleshooting but it also a great multimeter for the professional that does not want to spend a ton of money for one of the higher priced multimeters.

The display on the EX420 is a large digit lcd backlit display making the readout very easy to see. Other than the digits, the display also shows  icons to show things such as the battery life and other information related to the type of measurement that is selected to be made.

The EX420 provides input fuse protection and also has a feature where it will warn the user if the positive test lead is inserted into a current jack and a non-current function is selected. Warnings are made via the audible buzzer and also a icon will appear in the display.

Other features of the EX420

  • Data hold feature allows the display to “hold” the data values on the display even after the measurement has been made.
  • The relative mode feature allows the measurement to be made relative to a stored value such as a reference voltage or current. The displayed reading will be the difference between the reference value and the measured value.
  • The unit also has an auto power off feature to save battery life when it has not been used within 15 minutes of time.
  • CAT III to 600 V, CE and UL listed.
The Extech EX420 is capable of measuring AC/DC voltage to a maximum of 600 volts, AC/DC current can be made to a maximum of 20 amps, Resistance up to 40 mega ohms, has a diode checker, a continuity checker, and measures temperature from -4 to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 750 degrees Celsius).

The Extech EX420  comes complete with test leads, the type k temperature probe, a 9 volt battery, the protective holster, a adjustable tilt stand, and a velcro hanging strap. 

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