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The professional Extech EX430 eliminates the need to carry multiple meters by providing 11 functions in one single multimeter. Basic functions include AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, diode tester, continuity, frequency, and temperature. The EX430 is an auto ranging multimeter as well as a True RMS multimeter with a basic accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.3 percent basic accuracy.

Distortion: Some types of electrical measurements can be hard to make accurately in a industrial setting with a averaging multimeter. Things such as: lights, motors, and other electrical equipment can distort the AC waveform making it almost impossible to make a accurate reading. The Extech EX430 has the ability to take a True RMS reading to ensure accurate measurements and eliminating distortion when measuring AC voltage and currents.

Easy to read off data: The data is easily read off the display of the EX430 as it features a large 2,000 count screen that offers high resolution over wide ranges. The numerical digits are 1-inch high against the backlit lcd display making the characters very easy to read off the screen at quick glance.

Multimeter Protection: The Extech EX430 protects the inputs with fuse protection. It also features a mis-connection warning system via audible alert and visible on-screen icon to ensure the user has the test leads connected into the right jacks in relation to which function is selected.

A data hold old feature: Sometimes it can be very difficult to to keep your eyes on the connection points you are measuring from and the multimeter at the same time. With the hold function, simply press the hold button and then make your measurement. The Extech EX430 will read the data and then freeze the data on screen even after you have removed the test leads from the connection points.

Manual Range Select: Range select allows you to turn off the auto-ranging feature and also to step through the available ranges until the desired range is displayed.

Make relative measurements: Relative mode allows measurements to be made relative to a stored reference value. A reference voltage or current can be stored and measurements will be made relative to this value. The value displayed will be the difference between the reference value and the measured value.

Quick Specs For The Extech EX430

Averaging/True RMS True RMS
Basic Accuracy (VDC) +/- 0.3%
AC Voltage 0.1mV to 750V
DC Voltage 0.1mV to 1000V
AC Current 0.1 micro A to 20A
DC Current 0.1 micro A to 20A
Resistance 0.1 ohm to 40 M ohm
Capacitance 0.01 nF to 100 micro F
Frequency 0.001 Hz to 10 MHz
Temperature (Type K) -4 to 1382 degree F (-20 to 750 degree C)
Duty Cycle 0.1% to 99.9%
Contunuity/Diode Tester Yes
Dimensions 7.4×3.2×2″(187x81x50mm)
Weight 0.75lbs (342g)
Warranty 3 years

What Comes with the EX430

CAT III test leads, stand, hanging strap, protective holster with built in test lead storage, type k beads wire temperature probe, battery (9V), and owners manual and of course the Extech Ex430.

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