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The Fluke 179 True RMS digital multimeter was designed specifically for industrial, electrical, electronic technicians, and engineers alike. Manufactured by Fluke, this is a meter of precision and quality that will last for years. Fluke even backs this meter with a lifetime warranty.

The fluke 179 multimeter has many features that are designed with the troubleshooter in mind. The big 3 3/4-digit, 6000 count resolution display not only updates about 4 times every second, but its back light feature also makes reading measurements easy in low light conditions. By default, the back light auto shuts off after 2 minutes.

This meter measures a wide variety of different electrical characteristics making it quiet possibly, the only multimeter you will ever need. It measures AC /DC voltage and current, resistance, voltage and current frequency, temperature, diodes, capacitance, and continuity.

The 179 is a smart meter. It can sense certain hazardous conditions that could harm the meter or the user and alerts the user via a message on the display. It displays the presence of a potentially dangerous voltage if it detects a voltage greater or equal to 30 volts or a voltage overload, and also reminds you to check the leads when you switch to or from the mA or A position.

A big concern for some of the cheaper meters in particular is the fact that they can be a big drain on their batteries. The 179 model multimeter enters a sleep mode if no change has been detected in 20 minutes. This feature greatly extends the battery life however, if you choose to do so , you can turn this feature off by pressing the yellow button when turning on the unit. The typical alkaline battery life for this unit is 400 hours.

It is not always easy to focus on holding the test leads in place while also checking the display for the read out. This can potentially be unsafe for the user and also for the equipment being measured. The Fluke 179 has a built in hold function and a min/max/average function. The hold function will hold the reading on the display and beeps to inform the user a new reading has been measured. Simply connect the leads to the measurement points, wait for the beep, remove test leads and check the display for the reading. The min/max/average function captured the minimum and the maximum input values and calculates a running average of the readings. The meter also beeps when a new high or low reading has been received.

Some more cool features of the fluke 179 multimeter:
  • Selectable manual or automatic ranging allowing for more flexible troubleshooting.
  • A bar graph that updates about 40 times every single second that is useful for measuring frequency.
  • Measures temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) and comes shipped with the 80BK Temperature Probe.
  • The Fluke 179 is also compatible with the fluke toolpak meter hanging kit which allows you to free up both hands for making measurements and also prevents dropping the meter.

The Fluke 179 is another well built multimeter by Fluke. This meter is highly recommended to anyone who wants or needs a high quality multimeter.

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