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The Greenlee DM-300 is a unique looking multimeter with rounded edges and a simple looking face. Don’t let the look of this multimeter fool ya – this is no toy. The Dm-300 is a very well built True RMS multimeter backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Greenlee. The DM-300 offers many exciting features including: non-contact voltage detector, a 6000-count high resolution display, data hold, Min/Mac function, and a auto-off feature to prevent wasteful discharging of the battery. The DM-300 measures AC and DC voltage, frequency, resistance, check diodes, and will verify continuity.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector. Verify the presence of voltage without even touching the circuit. the Dm-300 features a non-contact voltage detector that allows you to verify that a circuit is live without actually having to contact the test leads to the circuit.

Save battery power. The Greenlee DM-300 features a auto-off feature that will automatically shut the unit off when it has not been used for approximately 30 minutes. The auto-off feature can be disabled by pressing the select button when the unit is turned on. It also has a low battery indicator to warn you when it’s getting time to change out the 9 volt battery.

True RMS Measurements. Motors and other nonlinear loads can cause inaccurate measurements with a standard averaging multimeter. The DM-300 is a True RMS multimeter which will give a more accurate readings when making non-linear load measurements.

Data hold feature. The DM-300 has a data hold feature. This feature, when set, will allow you to focus your attention on getting the test leads on the proper test points and not having to worry about checking the reading on the lcd screen. The meter will take the reading and the measurement reading will remain on screen even after you remove the test leads from the connection points.

Min/Max feature. Much like the data hold feature, the min/max feature will allow you to take a measurement and it will hold the min and max values of the measurement on the lcd screen.


DC Voltage
Range Accuracy
600.0 mV 0.7% + 0.2 mV
6.000 V 0.5% + 0.003 V
60.00 V 0.5% + 0.03 V
600.0 V 0.7% + 0.2 V
1000 V 1.2% + 6 V
Input Impedance: 1000 MΩ
nominal for 600.0 mV range;
10 MΩ nominal for all other
AC Voltage
Range Accuracy
600.0 mV 1.2% + 0.3 mV
6.000 V 1.0% + 0.003 V
60.00 V 1.0% + 0.03 V
600.0 V 1.0% + 0.3 V
1000 V 2.5% + 6 V
Input Impedance: 10 MΩ || 90 pF
Range Accuracy
600.0 Ω 0.8% + 0.4Ω
6.000 KΩ 0.7% + 0.002 kΩ
60.00 KΩ 0.7% + 0.02 kΩ
600.0 KΩ 0.7% + 0.2 kΩ
6.000 MΩ 0.9% + 0.004 MΩ
60.00 MΩ 2.0% + 0.04 MΩ
600 Ω with continuity beeper
Range Accuracy
600.0 Ω 0.8% + 0.4 Ω
Continuity Beeper Response:
< 100 μs
Open Circuit Voltage:
0.4 VDC typical
Audible Threshold:
Between 10 Ω and 150 Ω
Diode Tester
Test Current Open Circuit Voltage Accuracy
0.4 mA typical < 1.6 VDC typical 1.9% + 0.003 V

The Greenlee DM-300 multimeter is a good multimeter for measuring voltage, resistance, diode check, and continuity. Please be aware that this multimeter does not measure current.

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