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The Innova 3320 auto ranging digital multimeter.

This multimeter review focuses on the Innova 3320. The 3320 was designed to accurately and conveniently diagnose a wide variety of electrical problems in the home as well as automotive.

The 3320 is an auto ranging digital multimeter which means you do not have to select the range. The only thing you have to be sure is to have the multimeter on the correct function. For example, if you’re measuring the actual voltage of a battery, you would just need to select the DC voltage function without having to worry about having to select the correct range.

Like almost every multimeter, the Innova 3320 will measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, has a diode checker function, and an audible continuity checker. However, one thing you should know about the 3320 is that it will measure up to 10 amps of DC current but only 200.0mA of AC current. Since measuring current is not one of the more common everyday type of measurements, this is such a big deal, but if measuring AC current is something you need to do then this is not the meter for you.

The unique feature about this particular Innova multimeter, is that it has a battery load tester. Say you have some batteries lying around the house and you are wondering if there any good or not. Simply select one of the four common voltages in the batter load test function and the color coded led’s will tell you the status of the battery. The led’s will display green for good, orange for weak, and red for bad. If you are unsure of the correct voltage setting to use, look on the battery and it will have this printed on there (i.e 1.5V).

Now, any multimeter can measure the voltage of the battery and display the results of the lcd screen but that is not what the Innova 3320 multimeter does. The battery load test function actually puts the battery under a load and then measures the resulting voltage across it. The provides an accurate method for determining the proper condition of the battery.

The 3320 comes complete with the detachable test leads, the protective corners that provides protection to the meter in case it is dropped, and an arm strap. The arm strap allows you to slide your arm into the meter, keeping it secured to your arm while you make a measurements. This is especially useful when making measurements to an automotive electrical system.

Innova 3320 2 Innova 3320

The Innova 3320 has a high input resistance of 10 M ohm which makes it safe to connect to sensitive electronic equipment.

Includes instructions for English, Spanish, and French users. Comes with a one year warranty.

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