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The Mastech MS8268 may not be in the same class as the Fluke brand multimeters but this is a really cool multimeter for the price. The MS8268 is a reasonably accurate and durable meter that offers some pretty amazing features.

Lets face it, Sometimes we get in a hurry when we are troubleshooting. We go from one type of measurement to another and sometimes forget that we need to connect the test leads to the other banana jack. The MS8268 addresses that issue by having an audible alert and red blinking led terminals that show you the correct banana jacks that should be used depending on what function you have the meter set on.

This unit also features a big blue back lit LCD display that is very helpful when making measurements in low light conditions. The back light seems to be evenly distributed across the display which is pretty cool for a lower cost multimeter

The back light is activated by the press of a button and automatically turns back off at about 5 seconds. I would personally prefer that the back light stay on longer but that’s the way a lot of meters are made and it’s a minor nuisance.

Sometimes an auto ranging meter is all you need and at other times, it is helpful to have a manual ranging meter. With the Mastech MS8268, you can select between auto-ranging mode or manual ranging mode.

The dial has a well built feel to and it doesn’t seem flimsy at all as some of the less expensive meters do.

The meter runs on three AAA batteries. Together with the fuse, are located in a separate compartment so you do not have to disassemble the meter to change out fuse or battery. The meter conserves battery life with an auto power off after 5 minutes feature.

In case of a goof, the built in fuse for this unit is re settable (non-re settable fuse for 10A range) so you can go on about your troubleshooting.

Overall, we have to give the Mastech MS8268 a thumbs up and all of it’s features and at a reasonable price.

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